"Reinventing Efficiency"

"Reinventing Efficiency In The Automotive Industry!"

About Us

ASI (Auto Servizio Italia) was born because of our love for Quick Service (Car Servicing within 60 minutes), Reasonable Transparent Pricing (No Hidden Costs), and No Frills Quality Experience that you can rely on.


We are drivers too, we know it can be quite daunting sometimes to visit a car workshop due to multiple upsells and scare tactics used to make us, drivers spend more money (sometimes unnecessary ones) on our already expensive cars.


Hence, ASI is focused on your Car Maintenance Service (i.e. Change of Engine Oil, Oil Filter & 21 Points Checks) only.


After each car servicing, we, ASI, will provide an Independent Report telling car owners which parts require replacement or servicing. From there, car owners can decide which is their preferred workshop to do those repairs.


At ASI, we believe in providing clients with a reasonable car service price without compromising on our quality.


With an affordable and reasonable pricing for car maintenance service, drivers can greatly reduce unnecessary repair costs due to lack of or delayed maintenance of their precious ride.

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